1. You must register your group online at www.3vholidayparade.com.
  2. The parade is a RAIN OR SHINE event, and there is NO RAIN DATE. We will only cancel the parade if there is “dangerous weather”.  Please plan and dress accordingly for the weather.
  3. Parade Line Up will be between Setauket Elementary School and Emma Clark Library starting at 4pm. Parade Volunteers will direct you where to line up based on the type of float/group you have. It’s best to enter from the Emma Clark side (North) of the staging area so you won’t need to turn around.
  4. Arrive early and make last-minute adjustments or additions to your float or vehicle.
  5. There will be a port-a-potty on Main Street near the light (across View Road) if needed.
  6. The parade will begin PROMPTLY at 5pm, so be ready to pull out immediately when instructed by the parade volunteers.
  7. ABSOLUTELY NO HANDOUTS and NO THROWING candy or trinkets!  This poses a safety threat to children who run out in the street to pick up the candy.  We’ve also had participants twist ankles and fall on candy spheres.  
  8. Any theme float is acceptable but please No Santas.  Santa is ushered in on his own float by the Setauket Fire Department at the end of the parade.
  9. Remember this is an Electric Light Parade, and most of the route will be dark. Try to incorporate lights into your display or on your participants.  Battery-powered LED lights are a great way to add light.  Trucks and Trailers may opt to use a portable generator.
  10. We encourage you to have a sign or banner that lets people know what your business, group or organization is. It’s best to have the sign lit so people can see it.
  11. Please keep a safe distance from the group in front of you and don’t let large gaps form in the parade. If your company/group has a large vehicle, please be mindful of young audience members that may inadvertently enter the parade route.
  12. Please do not block the end of the parade route near Shore Rd. We ask that you plan an appropriate meeting spot with your group and/or friends & family members after the parade is over.  Floats should either continue toward Old Coach Rd or pull into the Three Village Church parking lot to turn around.
  13. Check the parade website (https://3vholidayparade.com) and/or Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/3villageelectricparade) for last-minute details or information about the parade.